The disappearance of subject: the commodification of humanity

Eduardo Barbosa Vergolino


The disappearance of subject or the subjectivity of the subject is a theme that interweave philosophical universes like Marx, Sartre and Althusser. The present paper has the objective of to present a perspective of the disappearance of the subject’s subjectivity in front of the capitalistic model which oppresses the human individualities. The commodification of human subjectivities is one of the main points of this paper and also brings up the debate of the oppression of the capitalistic system. We used a bibliographic review centered on the authors Marx, Althusser and Sartre, as well as Thompson and Jameson. Despite the strong economic appeal of the capitalist system, we believe that the process of commodification of human beings is still something to be discussed and debated in social universes as a way to rescue the humanity of humans exploited by an inhuman system. In this way, the disappearance of the subject's subjectivity is at the same time the disappearance of the subject itself in the world.


Subjectivity, Capitalism, Commodification of subject

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